We use proven techniques from Econometrics, Spatial Economics and Data Science to turn real estate data into decisions.

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Revenue Management

Maximize Asset value by leveraging Data and key market insights.

Dynamic Pricing

Pricing software to drive up yields, stabilize asset performance and materially move cap rates.


Analyze deals based on tenancy data to lower vacancy rates.

How Stroom calculates the rental price of your property?

The traditional methods of setting asking rental price based on dated historical lease comps information are not enough to optimally price assets. This approach leaves significant money on the table as leases for office, retail and industrial properties tend to be very high in value. Price and lease parameters are set when signing a lease and landlords are locked into these terms for a long period of time. Therefore, it is critical to get pricing and leasing decisions right.

Commercial real estate is a living breathing market, just like a stock market. We observe constant fluctuations in supply and demand in the market. Per square footage price is affected by vacancy levels, market equilibrium and change in demand. Depending on the property type, the demand determinants may vary.

Asset owners and managers have to make complex decisions around structuring the lease and setting prices. There are several variables that need to be considered when making these decisions.

Stroom platform is a comprehensive set of tools that helps asset owners make informed pricing and leasing decisions that maximize the asset value. By leveraging market, economic and spatial data, we’ve built proprietary demand and supply models that track changes in market equilibrium. We make fine price adjustments to determine optimal rental prices based on the underlying market conditions.

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